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Behavioral Health Services – In House


Phase One: Mental Health Assessments

  • A trained professional counselor will gather information from the individual being served, through a face-to-face interview. This interview will include a discussion of various interrelated systems; relationship dynamics and patterns of interaction, to include, but not limited to, the following systems: family, friends, marriage partner, significant other, school, church, employment/career, neighborhood, community and environment
  • A holistic approach will be used to assess the impact of various systems and factors on the individual’s emotional, psychological, spiritual, social and physiological well-being
  • Psychological testing can be used to rule out or confirm certain diagnoses
  • A licensed mental health professional will determine a diagnosis. The diagnosis will assist the therapist in providing the most efficacious treatment modality

Phase Two: Counseling and Therapy

  • Our counseling services are based on Belief Systems Analysis (BSA, Myers, 1988), a cognitive model grounded in African philosophy and an African-centered worldview
  • BSA therapy seeks to facilitate an increase in self-knowledge and intrinsic self-worth through monitoring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors using a variety of techniques
  • Counselors are trained in BSA as well as other treatment modalities, theoretical perspectives and techniques. These treatment modalities are adapted to take into account cultural issues and cultural competence

Phase Three: Community Psychiatric Supportive

Treatment Services

  • Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) service provides an array of services delivered by community based, mobile individuals or multidisciplinary teams of professionals and qualified mental health specialists
  • Services address the individualized mental health needs of the client. These services are directed toward adults, children, adolescents and families and will vary with respect to hours, type and intensity of services, depending on the changing needs of each individual
  • The purpose/intent of CPST is to provide specific, measurable, and individualized services to each person served. CPST services should be focused on increasing the individual’s ability to succeed in the community, to help the client identify and access needed services, and to facilitate improvement in school, work, family functioning, and to help make integration and contributions within the community



*All the approaches used by therapists, CPST providers, facilitators and presenters are tailored for cultural diversity

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